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  • 16.04.2020
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Intro: Four Winds,Taiwan,since 1978

 Recently, we get lots new customers from different field and countries. 

We feel that there is an obligation to introduce how deep we could work together. 

Four Winds has been working on funiture/interior hardware since 1978, 
our Head quarter is in Taipei and factory is in middle of Taiwan. 

From over 40 years experience, we have abundant database in our Enterprise Resource Planning system; as a result, we can provide quality goods with consistancy very easily and make sure things is on track in every stage, from production to shipment.


Moreover, we value our subcontractors to doing small job for Four Winds. In order to be flexible and quick response during this rapidly changing era,  this factor becomes essential for our customers. However, it takes time to be family-like enterprise, which require continuously mutaul trust and support in decades. 

You're welcome to ask and make a inquiry.

Contact us via email:  fw@fourwinds.com.tw

Podríamos comunicarnos en español. 

Wir können in Deutschland miteinander kommunizieren.


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