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  • Fourwinds, since 1978

  • 1978-1987 Start
  • In November 1978, Marcellus Shen started the international trade business in a small one-table office on the second floor of an apartment with an inquiry from Terry Hinge Co. U.S.A. for one million pieces of magnetic catches. This company made great strides in the following decade.

  • 1988-1998 Diversification
  • In November 1988, Comlife furniture chain stores were opened, introducing mainly Danish furniture into the Taiwan market. Four Winds Metal Factories were then established in Taiwan and China in June 1990 and February 1992 respectively. The current main premises for this business group were procured in October 1994.

  • 1999-2008 Expansion and Solidification
  • The number of Comlife furniture chain stores was expanded to 25 in June 1999. Four Winds Metal Factories started to produce aluminum articles and design our own items, such as castors, feet and handles in 2003. In the same year, Comlife furniture chain stores were phased out. Although its termination brought frustrations, the furniture business had helped us to accumulate experience that subsequently fostered our concept of developing our export items precisely based on interior applications. On 12th December 2008, we invited our friends and partners to share with us the joy of our 30th anniversary celebration held in our remodeled office.

    As a result, Four Winds supplies furniture & cabinet fittings to more than 75 countries and become smart due to the fact we’ve learn from every cases year by year. Our primary goal to dedicate toward the world is making interior progression. Consequently, we hope to bring our customers advantage constantly with technical innovations to catch the trend in the market and stand out from the competition. This simple idea will be passed by generation to generation as long as Four Winds flows in the world.

  • Do Professionally
  • Comprehension of products can help us to achieve a higher goal.  We not only sell products but also provide technical support to our customers. You will rarely hear “we don’t know” when you require any technical information.

  • Be Trendy
  • Four Winds defines “trendy” in terms of market, quality, appearance, and utility.  We have been sourcing from Taiwan, China, Korea, Malaysia and some other countries for years. We do understand that there are thousands of competitors and to be competitive we need to follow the trend and the value we believe in.

  • Stride to the Goal
  • Year by year, we are dedicated to development of toolings and products, but the main issue remains the achievement of a balance between our character and adaptation to market competition. With Four Winds’ exquisite and utility conception of products, we are ready to confront the challenge and discover the market boundary with our global partners.

  • Innovation
  • Hardware, for us, is a fashion which never fades away.  It is our enthusiasm. We base our design on the observation of people’s life and inspiration by customers’ requirements.  Ideas push us further.

  • Promotion
  • We realize that stories will help to diffuse our ideas.  In the future, we will regularly undertake promotion projects to demonstrate product applications.  This will support the sales of our distributors and enable our customers to have more information about our articles.

  • Integration
  • As evidenced by the success history of Taiwan’s IC industry, we have the necessary experience, resources, and technologies to integrate different elements into new products for interior applications.

  • Flowing Ideas
  • We will do our best to let our ideas flow in the world.

  • OEM
  • There are three OEM modes in Four Winds:
    Type A : We do exactly what you want. Type B : We share product ideas with you and give suggestions of the production process in order to lower costs, improve quality, meet different certifications, and, above all, satisfy customers.

    Type C : We work with customers as a team, interact like partners, communicate openly, and take every factor that makes things better into consideration.

    With abundant technical experience of over 30 years, rich mechanical knowledge, and enthusiasm for innovation, Four Winds ensure the most effective and economical solution in the industry.

    Four Winds specialize in OEM. Our worldwide distribution system sells to over 75 countries, and we spread our innovative product concepts around the world. As a global company, Four Winds care about our reputation and do not sell or duplicate OEM products without authorization.

  • Project
  • This website shows a comprehensive range of products supplied by us. We not only give product information on over 3,000 items but also explain how to install and use them in different situations.

    For project, we offer package services. Four Winds can integrate different products into a flexible solution which is practical and elegant, but competitive in price. Most essentially, we take full responsibility for our products. With unequivocal guarantee, project users can therefore concentrate on their part of the jobs without distraction.