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  • 13.05.2020
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A Proposer of Better Sense of Living

A Proposer of Better Sense of Living

4WSpace is the latest brand created by FOUR WINDS CORPORATION which was founded in 1978 and has been specialized and successful in the field of hardware and accessories for furniture and interior industries. By integrating the abundant experiences in global marketing, quality production and technical R&D, 4WSpace presents the novel scheme for comprehensive space plan and optimization.  

4WSpace supplies semi-finished / finished products for architects and builders to accomplish the interior design and construction more easily and efficiently.  The versatile products with excellent functionality in simple and clean style increase spiritual and physical values to living and space: convenience, sustainability, green ecology and quality.

Tree Wall Series by CUBE18

Grid System by CUBE18

4WSpace is borderless and we deliver all items to every corner in the world with proper package.


Whether or not we are keeping social distance, we can keep close connection to each other.  You are welcome to call or join a video conference with us when we need more direct and dynamic communication.  Please check Google Meet https://meet.google.com and let us know.

Podríamos comunicarnos en español. 

Wir können in Deutschland miteinander kommunizieren.