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  • 01.09.2020
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CUBE18 Shelf & Cabinet Frame System

With many types of aluminum rods and connecting hardware, CUBE18 helps building up comfortable interior providing comprehensive solutions to different types of space for different purposes.  CUBE18 can compose shelves & cabinets flexibly according to the size and type of space to customize the best furniture such as shelves, cabinets, etc., against the wall or freestanding.  A variety of colors are available to match wood, glass or mesh panels.  Assembled with functional hardware such as hinges and slide rails, the shelf & cabinet become versatile and cultivates a convenient and unique indoor space.


Occasional & Display Table Frames

CUBE18’s multiple types of aluminum rods and connecting hardware can build up functional table frames, especially suitable for customized occasional tables or display tables with unique designs.  These table frames can be topped with various panels such as wood or glass and added with drawers.  Such tables will have outstanding functions and styles with no doubt.


Display / Trolley / Utility and Planter Stand Frames

The application of CUBE18 can be extended to surrounding occasional furniture such as display stand racks, trolleys, utility stands and planter stands, etc.  Using the same serial elements in the design, the space will represent a sense of integrity with harmony.


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