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  • 25.02.2021
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What We've Done Lately: Acoustic panel processing

What We've Done Lately

It become harder and harder to describe what we could provide by catalogs. The need of market is shifting quicker than the speed we edit our products line in 

As a result, it's easy to share what we've done lately, which may be an inspiration for you to communicate with our team.

What We Coud do

Cut it pricisely in any size and any shape with Flash Free process.


Introduction of Eco Sound


The acoustic panels are made of polyester(PET) fiber, single material and 100% recyclable.


Noise Reduction

Our acoustic panel has been tested by SGS and received on NRC (noise reduction co-efficient) result of 0.85 meaning 85% of noise is absorbed. The acoustic panel is ranked GB8624-2012 B1 (B-S2.d0.t1) classification.






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