• Roller Drawer Slides - 57342 Series
  • * Loading capacity: 25 kgs
    * Single-way extension, bottom mount, self-closing
    * Steel, 1.2mm thickness, epoxy powder coated, in white,
    beige or black
    * With derlin plastic rollers, economical version

  • Roller Slides Drawer System - 560series
  • 5604C Drawer height: 54mm
    5605C Drawer height: 86mm
    5606C Drawer height: 118mm
    5607C Drawer height: 150mm
    * Loading capacity: 25 kgs
    * With derlin rollers, self-closing
    * Cold rolled steel, 1.2mm thickness, epoxy powder coated in white or silver gray
    * Front connector with adjustable cam facilitates appropriate drawer assemble