• BR660 Series Suspension Sliding Door System
  • * Material: stainless steel
    * Finish: mirror polished or hairline brushed
    * Can be mounted on wall or glass partition
    * Ideal for interior design

    Components of BR660 system
    BR660-BR Stainless Steel Bar
    * Ø25mm
    * With end caps (plastic or stainless steel)
    * Length: 2 or 3 meters (other size to be specied)

    BR660-GR Bar Roller
    * To roll along the bar
    * To mount the glass door (predrilled)

    Bar Holder
    BR660-BH-T with sunken screw
    BR660-BH-F with ƒat head screw
    * To be mounted on glass partition

    Rail Stopper
    BR660-RSL left side
    BR660-RSR right side

    BR660-BHW Bar Holder
    * To be mounted on solid wall

    BR660-DG Glass Door Bottom Guider
    * For glass door thickness 8 ~ 12mm