• BASIC Hooded Twin Wheel Castors
  • * Material: all nylon
    * Finishes of hood: vacuum electroplating (bright chrome,
    satin chrome, satin nickel and bright brass) or coating
    (silver gray)
    * Colors of wheel: black, gray, silver gray and white

  • EJ50 Hooded Twin Wheel Castors
  • * Materials : all nylon (hard wheel) or nylon wheel with PU tread (soft wheel)
    * Wheel colors : all black or black & gray
    * Material of hood: stainless steel or nylon

  • Metallic Hooded Twin Wheel Castors
  • * Nylon twin wheels with zamak hood and ABS caps
    * Finish of hood & caps: polished chrome or satin chrome electroplating
    * Wheel color: black

  • Chair Castors
  • * Hooded wheels of nylon
    * Soft PU tread available
    * Standard neck Ø38mm  (also available in Ø27, Ø32, Ø42 & Ø45mm)
    * Three brake types:
    visible press brake (PB)
    invisible sit brake (IB)
    stand-up brake (SB)
    * Various colors are available